Monday, April 21, 2008

GOP Iowan campaigns against "legendary liberal" Barney Frank

Kim Schmett is running for the Republican nomination for Iowa's third congressional district. If he wins, he will face incumbent Rep. Leonard Boswell (D-IA-03), who has had the following recent HRC scores:

2006:   75
2004:   77
2004: 100

The Schmett campaign put out the following press release today:

Schmett Campaign: Out-of-touch Boswell holds event with legendary liberal

Contact: Derek Flowers (515) 229-0096

(DES MOINES) -- Kim Schmett for Congress Campaign Manager Derek Flowers issued the following statement today in response to Congressman Barney Frank's campaign event for Leonard Boswell:

"It's more of the same with Leonard Boswell. Only someone who has been in Washington too long would invite someone as out-of-touch with Heartland values as Barney Frank to address Iowa's youth. Frank's extreme liberal views do not match with the voters of this district, but Leonard Boswell is clearly aligning himself closely with them."

Couldn't find a web site for Mr. Schmett's campaign, and his most recent FEC report shows total contributions for the entire campaign of $70.00.

That's seventy... dollars... and... zero... cents.

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