Tuesday, June 3, 2008

GOP attacks Franken over lesbian jokes

Minnesota Republicans are apparently concerned about Al Franken's chances of unseating incumbent GOP Senator Norm Coleman. They don't have much to run against Franken with, so they're dredging up some of his ancient comedy routines and throwing them back at him to see if any of it sticks. This gem:
One of the other anecdotes... involved a local Franken appearance that was reported in the Star Tribune in 2001. He joked at a Human Rights Campaign dinner that he had asked organizers to pay him for his speech by "send[ing] a girl to my room. And they did. But she turned out to be a lesbian. Great! Next time you do that, could you at least send two?"

As of a 02 May 2008 poll, Franken is trailing Coleman by 10%, but he is still in a competitive three-way primary race. Once the Democratic nominee is chosen, the race will really begin.

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Queers United said...

i dont think thats offensive i think its kinda funny actually

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