Friday, April 27, 2007

Dodd still doesn't get it on DOMA

Senator Christopher Dodd was one of 32 Democratic Senators, and one of 85 Senators total, who voted for the federal Defense of Marriage Act in 1996. Among other things, DOMA prohibits federal recognition of gay marriages, civil unions, or domestic partnerships for Social Security benefits purposes.

Dodd nevertheless wondered in last night's Democratic presidential debate "what kind of retirement would [his daughters] be allowed to have" if they were lesbian:

...the issue of gay marriage triggered a...response from Connecticut Sen. Chris Dodd, who said he supports civil unions for gay people, but not gay marriage.

'I have two very young daughters who one day may have a different sexual orientation than their parents. How would I like them to be treated as adults?' he asked. 'What kind of housing, what kind of homes, what kind of jobs, what kind of retirement would they be allowed to have?'

Senator Dodd helped decide what kind of retirement they would be allowed to have. So did Senator Joseph Biden and then-Rep. Bill Richardson, who also voted "yes". That retirement will not be a cheery one because of DOMA's prohibitions on the ability of same-sex couples to protect their families.

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