Thursday, July 12, 2007

Biden campaigns among Iowa City's gay community

Biden campaigns among Iowa City's gay community

Red, white, and blue banners shared the stage with a few more colorful flags as Sen. Joe Biden, D-Del., hosted a conversation with the Iowa City gay community on the outdoor patio of Givanni's on Monday night....

David Klemm, an Iowa City resident for 24 years and a gay-rights supporter, wore a "Biden for President" button next to his rainbow ribbon.

"The gay-rights community is an educated and intellectual community, and they, too, have to think about health care, and Iraq, and other issues," he said.

Klemm said he respects that the senator assumed "not one iota of difference of how people are treated in this country."

Toward the end of his speech, Biden addressed gay-rights issues specifically, calling the current administration "homophobic." He praised the community for its efforts in protecting civil rights.

"You've done an incredible service to humanity," he said.

He emphasized to the crowd that gay-rights supporters are the majority, calling the opposition a "dying dinosaur breed."

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