Sunday, July 8, 2007

Note to self: Dodd voted to confirm Roberts

The Supreme Court ended its term last week with a decidedly more conservative bent. The replacement of Justices Rehnquist and O'Connor (a conservative and a swing) by Roberts and Alito (two conservatives) solidified the right wing's hold on the nation's jurisprudence.

A number of decisions were handed down with 5-4 majorities, with Roberts and Alito in the majority in most of them. Among the 5-4 decisions:

♦ the Seattle School District case wherein the Court rolled back racial integration efforts;
♦ a female worker who learns she had been paid less than men has only 180 days to sue for discrimination;
♦ the Bong Hits for Jesus case that substantially reduced the free speech rights of American students;
♦ a ruling that a federal ban on "partial birth" abortions does not put an undue burden on women seeking to end a pregnancy.

Among the four Democratic Senators who are now running for President, Dodd alone cast a vote for this agenda. He voted with all 55 Republicans to confirm Roberts as Chief Justice; Biden, Clinton, and Obama all voted no.

All four voted against Alito's confirmation.

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