Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Gay Democrat elected to Norman, Oklahoma city council

Sent out by Steve VanHook and Karen Parsons, co-chairs of the Oklahoma Stonewall Democrats; James Nimmo, treasurer:

Tom Kovach, an out gay Democrat, was elected to the Norman City Council yesterday in a runoff against political consultant Chebon Marshall.

Kovach was a guest speaker at our Oklahoma Stonewall business meeting on May 6th, seeking our support. We Stonewallers gave him a $350 donation that helped him purchase a final large ad in Norman's Sunday newspaper. We're proud of Tom and proud we were able to help him over to top. We thank Stonewall member Father Henry Roberson for calling Tom's race to our attention and sharing Tom's need for last-minute funds.

And we thank you, our members and generous donors, who make it possible for us to help worthy candidates. We know our donation wasn't huge by any stretch, but we're glad we could help at a critical point in Tom's election.

Tom's opponent tried to use his sexuality against him, among other alleged dirty tricks, but Tom's knowledge of the city and it's needs and his sincerity during intense campaigning paid off. Despite Marshall's much larger campaign budget, Tom has proved once again that Oklahoma voters can overcome prejudice to elect knowledgeable and hard-working candidates without regard for whom they love.

We congratulate Tom (and his dedicated partner) on his victory, and on his courage and determination. With his already rich history of community service, we know Tom will work hard and continue to make us proud.

Hugs to all,
Steve and Karen
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