Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Gay Democrat Sam Adams elected Portland mayor

Our favorite gay wonk, city commissioner Sam Adams, has been elected mayor of Portland, Oregon in a landslide.

With nearly 75% of the vote counted, Adams has 57.5%, compared to 34.1% for his closest opponent. By winning more than 50% in the primary, Adams wins outright and avoids a runoff.

Portland will become the largest city in the United States with an out mayor, a distinction now held by Providence, Rhode Island. Portland is the 31st most populous city, with over 537,000 people in 2006; Providence, with out Democrat David Cicilline as mayor, ranks 128th.

In the photo above, Adams is the one with the laptop posture, the arty-trendy glasses, and the organic watermelon. Talk capital budget growth velocity to us, Sam! Purr!

See Adams' Flickr photostream for more pics.

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