Sunday, May 11, 2008

Gay Nevada assemblymember runs for state senate

Out Nevada Assemblymember David Parks (right) filed last week to run for the state senate seat being given up by Senate Minority Leader Dina Titus. Parks is the state's only out elected or appointed public official.

Titus is running for the congressional seat in Nevada's Third District against incumbent Republican Jon Porter. Porter has held the seat since it was created after the 2000 census. He runs as a moderate when election time approaches, but has been a faithful Bush rubber stamp. His HRC scores have been 11 (2004) and 0 (2006).

Both Parks and Titus have primary opposition. Titus is expected to win nomination easily and to have a good chance of unseating Porter in November. The district has a Democratic-Republican-other voter registration of 41-39-20 as of January 2008.

Parks is facing primary challenger Steve Nathan, who has admitted to receiving a sudden, massive cash inflow from anonymous sources whom state law does not require him to reveal until August, after primary election early voting has already begun. Whoever wins the primary is likely to win in November; the district favors Democrats over Republicans with 50-29-21 as of January 2008.

This isn't the first time Parks has faced shady opposition, and he has prevailed each time in the past. The primary is 12 August 2008, only 93 days away. Early voting starts 26 July, and campaign finance reports are due by 05 August. We'll find out then what it is that Nathan needs to hide.

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