Monday, May 12, 2008

Is Henry Hager a coward?

First-father-in-law George W. Bush is all over the media today describing daughter Jenna's new husband as a "really good guy". One question: if he's such a "really good guy", why has Henry Hager never worn a uniform of the Armed Forces of the United States of America?

If Henry enlisted, at least our Commander in Chief could put one less gun into the hands of one less felon. And there's no reason Jenna can't enlist, either. ("Won't" is a different matter.)

As long as we're on the subject, where has presidential nephew George P. Bush (right) been throughout the entire war? The half-Hispanic George P. (mom Columba was from Mexico, where she met dad Jeb) was used prominently to woo Latino voters during the 2000 election, and he was spoken of as a potential future candidate. But he dropped quietly and conveniently out of view after 9/11. He did join the Navy Reserve last year, however, giving some low-key aw-shucks interviews feigning disappointment that the news of his stateside service had leaked and denying that it was all part of a political plan. But let's face it: George P. is hiding out in today's version of Uncle Dubya's infamous Champagne Unit, and he'll never come within a thousand miles of danger.

If the Democrat wins the White House this year, expect George P. to resurface next year as a critic of the new president's conduct of the war. He'll be wearing a uniform, too. You heard it here first.

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