Friday, May 11, 2007

Bush likely to reappoint Pace to Joint Chiefs

The New York Times is reporting that Bush is expected to reappoint General Peter Pace to head the Joint Chiefs of Staff. Pace is the U.S. armed forces chief strategic manager who stated in March that he thinks that homosexuality is immoral. It might be suggested that his attentions are more in need in Iraq.

"Bush Expected to Renew Term of Chairman of Joint Chiefs"

Published: May 11, 2007

WASHINGTON, May 10 — President Bush is expected to nominate Gen. Peter Pace of the Marines for a second term as chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, opting for continuity during a critical phase in the Iraq conflict, two Defense Department officials said on Thursday....

In March, he caused debate when he said that he believed homosexual conduct to be immoral, a remark that he later was forced to acknowledge he should not have made. Rather than expressing his personal views, he said, he should have focused on his support for a current Pentagon policy that prohibits openly gay people from serving in the armed forces.

A nomination to a second term would require that General Pace be confirmed by the Senate....

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