Monday, May 14, 2007

Fundraising dries up for GOP closet case Dreier

The Los Angeles Daily News is reporting that fundraising for California GOP closet case Congressman Dave Dreier (CA-26) is drying up.

Dreier pulled in less than $27,000 over the last two quarters, and Democrats see his seat as vulnerable in next year's elections.

Dreier's sexual orientation notwithstanding, he has been a loyal Republican when it comes to voting against the LGBT community. His HRC congressional scores have been dismal, averaging 18 over seven Congresses:
2006 (109th Congress) 38
2004 (108th Congress) 22
2002 (107th Congress) 17
2000 (106th Congress) 10
1998 (105th Congress) 25
1996 (104th Congress) 00
1994 (103rd Congress) 14
Dreier's antipathy for the LGBT community has been so extreme that he has repeatedly voted against or refused to sponsor the hate crimes bill, civil unions for D.C. citizens, immigration equity for same-sex families, and gays in the military. He will not even institute a non-discrimination policy encompassing sexual orientation for his own congressional office.

In the September 2005 Republican House leadership shakeup that resulted when indicted Majority Leader Tom Delay stepped down, Dreier was tapped by then-Speaker Dennis Hastert to replace Delay. Conservatives in the caucus revolted against this decision after the blogosphere speculated widely on the prospect of a heavily closeted gay man being Number 2 in the GOP's House hierarchy. Dreier's candidacy evaporated, and John Boehner of Ohio was eventually chosen for the position.

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