Sunday, May 27, 2007

Gay political feud over tainted Obama fundraiser

Today's Chicago Sun-Times tells of a nasty fight over one of Barack Obama's gay fundraisers, who was punished in recent months for ethics lapses regarding his stewardship of a trust fund benefiting young relatives.

Michael Bauer, who has raised tens of thousands of dollars for Obama and who serves on the lesbian and gay advisory committee of the Senator's presidential campaign, is serving a nine-month suspension of his law license for looting a trust fund benefiting his brother's children. Several prominent Illinois LGBT activists want Obama to boot him as a fundraiser and as an advisor. Obama is so far standing by his $60,000 man, but the nieces and nephew still haven't received restitution for their missing money.

The missing amount is about $300,000, which, coincidentally, is about the amount that Bauer gave to political candidates during the same period that the money went missing. No word on whether Obama or the other beneficiaries of Bauer's political largesse will remit the money to the kids' trust fund.

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