Monday, July 28, 2008

Delaware Lieutenant Governor candidate blogs about Stonewall Democrats event

Matt Denn, Delaware's elected insurance commissioner, is running for the Democratic nomination for lieutenant governor. As he notes on his blog this morning, he got some politicking and some family time in this past weekend:

On the Boardwalk

We are having one of our usual, hectic Monday mornings at the Denn household, so the weekend update today will be somewhat abbreviated.

Unquestioned highlight of the weekend: after visiting the State Fair in Harrington and the Stonewall Democrats annual fundraiser in Rehoboth, the boys and I headed to the boardwalk where they enjoyed a nutritious post-dinner feast of Thrashers fries and soft ice cream and several games of Whac-a-Mole. (Mrs. Denn stayed home to engage in similar recreational activities such as weeding the garden.) Because I knew that I was going to change the boys into their pajamas before we got into the car to head home, I didn’t spend too much time trying to clean the food off their clothes. So if you saw a guy last weekend in a Matt Denn polo shirt walking down Rehoboth Avenue with two three-year-olds whose faces and clothing were smeared with chocolate ice cream and french fry debris, that was me, and thank you for not calling social services.
He doesn't take the kids along to hypnotize undecided voters with their cuteness; but that's the result anyway.

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