Thursday, July 10, 2008


♦ Assassin Margaret Cho has been deputized by the City and County of San Francisco to perform marriages. Read her blog for details of her San Francisco Pride weekend in which she married couples; did, um, shots; and went to Bearracuda.

♦ Soul Force Equality Rider Jacob Reitan (right) has been hired for the Obama campaign in Oregon. Reitan and his loving mom and pop were featured in the documentary For the Bible Tells Me So attempting to confront über-bigot James Dobson and his anti-family Focus on the Family.

♦ Out Arizona state Senator Paula Aboud (D-28) is furious at the treachery and perfidy that Republican legislators used to get that state's marriage amendment on the November ballot. The GOPers blatantly violated the Senate's rules in overriding the floor rights of pro-gay-marriage senators who tried to run the clock out on the legislative session in an effort to block the amendment bill.

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