Thursday, July 31, 2008

Rinehart loses big in Oklahoma

Indicted Oklahoma county commissioner Brent Rinehart, who made national news for sending out a crazy anti-gay comic book as a campaign mailer, came in third out of three candidates for the Republican nomination in yesterday's primary. He received 21% versus 47% and 32% for the other two candidates, who must go into a runoff next month to determine the Republican nominee.

The bad news is that in this heavily Republican district, Rinehart is likely to be replaced by a smoother, less stupid bigot who is thus more durable.

Rinehart must face trial in September on several felony charges relating to the financing of his last campaign four years ago. And he must face the IRS as well for alleged tax improprieties as well.

The sixteen-page comic book can still be seen here. Especially check out the beefy guys in togas on pages 5 and 8.

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