Tuesday, July 1, 2008


Kermit Love, Big Bird's gay creator, has passed away at 91.

Focus on the Family has an hysterical (hysterical-crazy, not hysterical-funny) video on the danger that is Tim Gill. Gill is the gay software brazillionaire who is guilty of the seditious and sodomistic act of supporting or opposing candidates for public office.

♦ Not to be outdone by Focus' webfoolery, the American Family Association posted an Associated Press article on their web site about track star Tyson Gay. But the article got shredded by the AFA's find/replace text program. The AFA doesn't like the word "gay", since it suggests that those of an Athenian inclination might be happy, so all such references were removed and replaced with the more dour "homosexual". The entire article then told of how track star Homosexual had qualified for the Olympics.

♦ Millions of dollars have already been raised to fight both sides of the California gay marriage issue. The Los Angeles Times has an interactive money map here.

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