Monday, July 7, 2008

Jesse Helms said gays "caused" AIDS epidemic, victimized Ryan White

From the Congressional Record during debate of the Comprehensive AIDS Resources Emergency Act of 1990 (Senate - May 14, 1990):

Mr. HELMS . ...Let me say that I do agree with the Senator about the horror of this disease. But there is one thing about it. I have never heard once in this Chamber anybody say to the homosexuals and IV drug users, who make up over 90 percent of the AIDS population, 'Stop what you are doing.' Does the Senator realize that if they would stop what they are doing, there would not be one additional new case of AIDS in the United States of America other than those already in progress....

Ryan White was an innocent victim of these people. And I think it is about time that this Senate addressed the moral issue. I have not heard one Senator, except listening to myself, who has said, look, this talk about who is causing this, who caused it from the very beginning?...

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